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        Meet the specialist on bearing solution to material handling
        XKTE ? bearing converts conveyor rollers and pulleys into something far more powerful. It reduces costly downtime and maintenance costs, while improving safety.   Xinkaite employs advanced bearing technology, to make products which can extend your rollers and pulleys’ service life and have better safety performance.   Xinkaite offers a wide range of bearing idler and pulley products and services, to enable XKTE? to integrate seamlessly with your existing conveyor systems and to maximize the benefits you receive.
        “We are in line with the first goal of zero defect products, to make the quality of products constantly improved. Strict factory inspection with double tests of artificial and instrument, ensure that each piece of our products to achieve a unified standard. We try our best to manufacture better products for idler rollers and drum pulleys, to meet your rates no matter CEMA or any others.”
        Key benefits of our products
        XKTE? gives you more stable power to your conveying rollers and pulleys, giving you the power you need to keep your conveyors running.
        Reduce Downtime Reduce Damage Maintenance Free Improve Safety
          XKTE? has suitable precision to your rollers and pulleys, reduces their failure, and the anti-resistance also shows a better performance so that make their running longer and smoother. XKTE? ball bearings and roller bearings can better integrate with your rollers and pulleys, so that you can avoid situations which can lead to costly conveyor damage. XKTE? bearing automatically fits your conveyor rollers and pulleys, reducing the need to manually inspect the conveyor. XKTE? eliminates the need to perform unnecessary and wasteful early block change outs of rollers and pulleys. XKTE? allows your staff to view the status of your conveyor rollers and pulleys remotely from comfort and safety of a control room. It reduces exposure to mechanical hazards associated with manual inspection methods. XKTE? has better all-season lubrication, thus to allows you have no need to pay attention on the unsafe temperature changes within.
        Since 2006, our company has gained a very high reputation in the conveyor accessories industry. With 100% customer satisfaction, our advanced bearing technology helps to ensure quality control in the manufacturing process and to extend the life of conveyor idlers and pulleys.
        Enquire Now
        Puli Huaiyin Mansion
        57 Beixiaoxinzhuang W St
        Jinan, SD 250022

        Tel: +86 (531) 87901699

        Email: info@xinkaite.com
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